Friday, November 23, 2007

One Project, Two Projects, Three Projects, Four

Too many projects, don't cast on any more! So, I was wondering why I haven't finished anything in a while. Was there anything lying around that I could finish quickly? I mean, I felt like I had been knitting, why didn't I have an FO? Oh, yeah. Right. Because of this:

Crocheted Hat from Get Your Crochet On! and Mesh Lace Cardigan from VK's 25th anniversary issue in the Tess's Designer Yarns Ivory and Silk yarn I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool and Kidzilk Night.

Sweater of my own design in the Cascade Superwash I got on sale for 70% off:

We got the ones on dpns, all but the toe done of the 2nd sock for my stepfather's socks (ran out of yarn!) in Wildfoote, 1 broadstreet mitten done up to the fingers (you know, the hard part) in Colinette Jitterbug, and the cuff of the 2nd Jaywalker whose mate I finished some months ago in Yarn Pirate merino/tencel blend:

There's the knit and crochet stuff for my voluminous hair both my own designs, the crocheted in Elann's Alpaca Silk and the knit one in Nashua's Cilantro:

The Foliage Hat from the most recent Knitty in handspun I bought in Cape Town and sweater from my own design using the super pricey and ultra precious Alchemy Sanctuary and Kidsilk Haze that I got for V-Day:

Under the white is French Girl Knits' Marguax in Filatura di Crosa Super Soft that i got for a steal on Webs.

Yeah, so that's why. When you work only 10 rows of a project and then put it down to work on another, well, yes, they will all eventually get done, but maybe not for a long time. What happened in some cases, I think, was that I would hit the part of the project that required counting and shifting stitches and concentration and I haven't wanted that much lately so I'd cast on for another project that started simply and then, you know, rinse and repeat. Can you imagine what life would be like if we did that for everything?:

*Here's that term paper, Professor. I only wrote the introduction and listed the data. I didn't do the analysis cuz, you know, that's the hard part. However I did start another paper and have the intro and data for that, too, so I'm turning that in as well.

*Well, yeah, see, the actual brushing of the teeth I find to be kind of annoying, so I just put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and left it.

*Okay, so I filled the sink up with soapy water and the dishes are in there. But who wants to actually wash them? I'll just use some more dishes and then put those in there when I'm done, too. Maybe if I don't look at them for long enough, they will have magically cleaned themselves.

*Yes, but, Doctor, getting pregnant was the fun part. I don't really have the energy to push right now. Um, how about you go away and come back later and we'll see how I feel then?

But hey, that's why we knit, right? It's a hobby and so we can do whatever the (edited for PG-13 rating) we want. We don't have to knit for our job, or our hygiene, or to rid ourselves of an invasion by a nutrient-sucking foreign body (aka "giving birth"). So I take plenty liberties with the knitting. But keeping it honest, what you see above is just downright ridiculous. And this holiday weekend I was going to start my Daddy's sweater for xmas, too. So no more casting on!

But wait! Somewhere in there there's an FO. Looking, looking, looking, found it! It's the Foliage hat:

And look, I have a third nipple! To make me extra special, it's on top of my head. See, this is why I usually crochet hats. Knit hats almost always give you an extra nipple. But I'm sure there's someone out there who likes it.

And speaking of strange fetishes, I saw a comment on my Flickr photo album for the knit bracelet I made recently. It said that I had lovely wrists and that my wrist would look so nice in a gold-tone Bulova watch. "Hmm," I thought, that's a special comment. So I went to the person's Flickr page and, while they didn't have any photos of their own, they did have many favorites, of which my knit bracelet was one. Many favorites. 28 pages of favorites. And all of them were of women's hands, wrists and forearms. Did you hear me? TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES OF WOMEN'S WRISTS!!! And the comments were all, "I love the freckles on your forearm," or "this woman has lovely wrists." Occasionally there'd be one of just a watch and the comment would be "this watch would look lovely on a woman's beautiful wrist." Unfortunately you can't see all the favorited photos now, since he seems to have deleted himself (or changed his name). Must have found out we were on to him. But wow, of all the things to fetishize.

Okay, 'til next time, Folks.