Saturday, July 05, 2008

More Fitted (or not) Knits

Well, I've had my first real knitting disappointment. Perhaps you remember the split neckline tee that I also did from the Fitted Knits book in that lovely Cotton Frappe. There was the peek-a-boo bra problem, but I knew that was a necessary part of the design. I still really liked it and thought I'd do another from the book, the Textured Tunic with side buttons. This was the cover design.

Now there was a lot of talk on how this design was not really fitted. That's very true. The body is just a rectangle. There was also a lot of talk on Ravelry on how the sleeves were separated from the body too early in this top-down raglan design. So I figured I could still make it and fix those things. I had bought this wonderful yarn on sale from Webs, RYC Soft Tweed in gray. Well, long story short, I tried and failed. I thought I would increase more slowly so that the diagonal measurement for the sleeve was longer than what was speciified in the pattern. It still ended up a bit too short, especially compared to the body, which I did add some shaping too but which still ended up too baggy. I hate this sweater, which is a shame because the yarn is really really nice. I think it's been discontinued but if you see some around I'd advise getting it. In my opinion it's nicer against the skin than Malabrigo. I think because it's already kinda felted sorta that any little hair that would have caused irritation have been smoothed down into the yarn. It's a totally smooth wool to wear against the skin. Wasted!

Now you might not think it's so bad from this angle:

And you might think "cute button". I had a great time choosing these buttons on a trip to San Francisco at a button store called Britex. They were not that cheap. Wasted!

But when you see it from this angle, you know exactly what I'm talking about:

As you see, this is the most ill-fitting garment I have made. Well, I guess everything can't be perfect.

Despite this disaster, I made yet another item from the book afterwards, the Two Tone Shrug. This time I used Classic Elite Four Seasons, a 70% cotton 30% wool blend that I also got on sale from Webs (screams "I love you, Webs!", *throws panties onto stage*). Despite the fact that I misjudged the color of the spotted yarn, thinking it the spots were black from the picture on my monitor as opposed to navy blue as I discovered once they were delivered, I love this knit. It's a tiny bit too big because it's based on the measurement across the back and I didn't know that and couldn't measure it myself so I did the second smallest size. I think the smallest would have been fine. Still, it fits well and is very functional. And the increases for the ribbing are really well-designed.

You can see from the back that it's a little too big.

I like this yarn, too, and may knit with it again some day.

Oh, one more thing. Since my last post, my birthday passed. I am now officially in the 30's club. I put on my Anthropologie dress,

and my necklace and earrings I got in South Africa

and made my 30th birthday the day of the most compliments and flirtation in my life. But due to my terrible social skills, I still find myself 30 and alone. Which is incredibly sad and disheartening. At this point I feel like to be alone is just a basic part of my life, of what it is to be me. So please forgive me if, these days, I am not as chipper in my posts as I managed to be before. It's getting a little harder.

'til next time, y'all.