Saturday, November 18, 2006

Drops pattern Fair Isle Sweater

So this is my first fair isle project. I wanted to be really happy with this sweater. I wanted to LOVE this sweater. I wanted to love it so much, little kids would say "if you love it so much, why don't you marry it?" And then I would say "I will." And then we would get married and spend many wonderful years together and have 1/2 black 1/2 sweater babies, until one day I had a baby that was 1/2 black 1/2 blue Malabrigo, and Mr. Karabella Aurora 8 Fair Isle would scream "whose baby is this?!" and storm out of the delivery room.

But I don't love it as much as all that. I guess it's okay for my first time. But it puckers in places and my increases look sloppy. I still don't know what to do to make my increases less visible, but I did get advice on the puckering. Someone told me every color change or two to give the work a tug so that the carried yarn in back gets pulled out and stretched all the way across flat. I think for something like this, too, I will knit the fair isle part on larger needles.

This was knit in Karabella Aurora 8 on size 7 needles.

Closeup of Yoke

From the front - another headless knitting photo

From the back


Windansea said...

Hey nikki....that's cool that we both just finished our first Fair Isles. I love that you've got it fitted at the waist right where the color changes - you must be a master at hitting gauge. Very cool - Lydia

Nikki said...

Master?! hahaha, I wish. That would be sweet! It was great luck, I noted as I was at the waist, that the fair isle part just so happened to hit at my natural waist, thus making my puckering look like "shaping". :) So you got your patterns from an EZ book? I have to find a book with fair isle patterns as I love doing them now.

Saun said...

You are too funny. I like to marriage story.

The sweater looks fabulous!

Wannietta said...

You don't ever marry the first one you date. This was your trial fairisle- the next one might be The One. It looks good from this angle - I hope that you don't totally kick it to the curb.

Liz said...

I think it's awesome, I love the colors & the shaping.

AR said...

Whoo! That looks great!

LesleyKnits said...

The sweater looks great!

Bec said...

Wow! I need to focus more on my knitting... I'm totally inspired by this sweater, it's gorgeous! And did I see somewhere that you've not even been knitting for a year yet? Amazing!

Hiro said...

This was the first post of yours I stumbled across while searching out fair isle patterns and tips. I think I've fallen headlong in love with you! This post cracked me up, because this is the way I feel about eighty percent of my projects.

Half sweater babies indeed!

Marcia said...

I'm in the same boat as Hiro. I came across your post while searching for a fair isle sweater pattern. I've never knitted fair isle before and I, too, want to fall in love with my first creation.
But first I think I will explore your blog. Did you ever think that people would find you from entries your wrote two or three years ago?