Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas break knitting

I visited family for 3 weeks in southern CA where I couldn't take and download digital pictures. So this is what I made while I was gone. I made a hat out of Lopi. I like this hat, and the pattern is my own, but simple enough. I actually wrote down the pattern, but left it on my mother's computer, so I'll get her to forward it to me.

Also made some socks in Cascade Fixation. These socks knit up really fast, but I hate this color. I couldn't tell from the ball that it would be like 75% lime green. It's just gross. The crazy thing is, this was the most subtle color combination I could get in this yarn in the store I bought it in, an overpriced place in on Hawthorne in southern CA. They don't have price tags on any of the yarn or the bins, you have to look it up in a master list each time you're interested in some yarn. I hate that! But figuring I knew about how much Cascade Fixation costed because I had priced it at so many other stores, I didn't check the list. I was shocked to find they charged $7.25/ball, even for the solids! Won't be at that store again. Plus, I have ladders, which makes this the first pair of socks I've made with ladders. I'm sure it's because I heard not to knit this yarn too tightly or you would take all the stretch out of it. But I guess I forgot to at least knit the first and last stitches on each needle tightly, and I got ladders.

And is it just me, or do handknit socks make your feet and ankles look fatter? I think they do. Combine my fattened ankles with the blinding hideousness of that color, and this pair kinda left me cold. Good thing is I only needed 44 stitches on size 2s.

Finally, I made a booga bag with 3 skeins of Patons Soy Wool Stripes. Everyone warned me that it shrank fast, so I was on the lookout. I took it out in about 3 minutes and it wasn't as felted as I wanted, put it in for another 3 minutes and it was tiny. What can I fit in here? And once again, I'm not in love with my own color choice. I wish I had gone for the Natural Navy. This one is in Natural Earth, I think.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back home. Going to my parents house for so long always leaves me feeling 10 years old. And I have to borrow their cars since it's L.A. area and you can't do anything without a car. "Mommy, can I borrow the keys to your car?" I had a drink in front of my mother and stepfather for the first time, and I had to have a one hour discussion on alcohol. People, in case you don't know, I'm 28 years old. Good to be back in my own space.


Memeeflye said...

Like that bag- did you felt the strap and the bag separately? Are you going to sew it on?

Shorty said...

I thought my parents were the only ones. Glad to hear I'm not alone. BTW, I'm 38. Sad isn't it, when our parents treat us like children when we are adults.

I'm not a fan of green, but I think your socks look really cute on you. Just my opinion, yours is the only one that counts.

The Booga Bag is absolutely gorgeous. I think I'm going to have to try my hand at felting sometime in the near future.


AR said...

Love the hat and the bag!

I think it might be the color that makes my feet look fatter in hand knit socks. Maybe. LOL!

Saun said...

Fixation should only be $5.50. $7 is a definite rip-off. I've just that colorway before and needless to say it's kinda loud.

I totally understand you about staying with your parents. It's cool for about 3 days and then they start treating you like their child again. we might be related because I had the same 1 hour drinking discussion with my parents while I was home.

BrownBerry said...

Your last comment had me cracking up! Love the hat! You were a very productive knitter on your trip home...nice work!

Memeeflye said...

you've been tagged! go to for the rules

Therese said...

Oh i just love your hat .. wow it is so cute , my daughter would just love that hat

you da mom! said...

i love the hat. i have some patons camo yarn that would be great for this. pattern?