Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cables and Lace Sleeveless Turtleneck

This is a pattern I came up with for my three hanks of Malabrigo in Continental Blue. I love this yarn. People say it's like knitting clouds, but I think it's a wee too squishy to be what I'd imagine a cloud to feel like. Maybe like clouds while you're knitting, but a bit more substantial when it's done. More like a mixture of cloud and marshmallow. And now you know why people call it Mmmmmmalabrigo.

Anyhow, someone said I should write this pattern up to sell. Well, okay, I will. We remember what happened when someone suggested I send in a pattern to Magknits, right? Sadness, people, sadness and disappointment, that's what happened. But I figure I will give it a go and see if people actually want to buy it. It may take me a couple of days to work out the math for larger sizes, though, cuz of course my notes are only for my size. But in a bit I'll put it up for sale to download.

I think I'll need a catchy name for it, though. Can anyone help me? Would it be an incentive if I said that if I choose your name you get a copy of the pattern for free? (wish i could pay, but you know how my wallet always is: empty)

Okay, here are the pics. Hopefully by the time this is up for sale, there will be prettier pics (where I don't look so busted) that will make you want to buy 17 copies. Why should you need 17 copies, I don't know, but that would make me really happy. ;-)

In other news, my blog is now officially rated PG-13:

The other side reads "I have needles and I'm not afraid to use them". Get your own at Cafe Press.

Finally, I won the Stylish category for the Model Your Socks contest. I'm thrilled about it, but think I will wait to blog about it until I receive my prize in the mail.


Saun said...

I wouldn't give up on Magknits. The editor was dealing with family issues and was behind on emails. At one point she had 350 unread emails. You weren't rejected, just a victim of circumstance.

This is a cute pattern. If I can think of a name I'll be sure to let you know.

If you have want some help tech- editting your pattern let me know.

g-girl said...

it's beautiful (of course!) just like everything else you've made. :) congrats on winning the stylish prize too!

unkoine said...

Here's a name for ya:
Divine Mmmmmmm