Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Cut Off My Hair!

Aaahhhhh! I cut my hair off! Again! Every couple of years, I feel like I just can't comb through so much nappiness even one more time, and I take out the scissors and just start cutting stuff off. Look at my fallen hair!

And since I don't actually know how to cut hair, I was looking all busted. Or so I thought. So I wore a hat for a few days and today decided I'd better try to do something with it, so I braided the front and gathered the rest in a poofball in the back. Then I wore my favorite high heel sandals and also a new red cotton dress to compensate for my bustedness. This is how I look.

Btw, you can also see where I have to work all the time now, in "the dungeon" as we call it. No natural light. We just moved our office and so everything is in boxes. It looks like a storage facility. Thank goodness I only work 12 hrs a week!

For comparison, my hair used to be this long, if I ever blew it out or flat ironed it. I look a little shocked because I had just drunk bee wine in this pic. Yep, bee wine. Scores of bee corpses floating in the bottom of the bottle. I think I actually swallowed a wing.

So anyway, I was walking home, trying my best not to look busted, when some dude asks if he can introduce himself to me from the car. Considering my to'-up state, I was a bit shocked and decided I could do with the flattery, so I let him spit his little game. Aw, fellas, c'mon fellas. I'm going to have to run a class. "How Not To Flirt 101". But okay, so I'm beautiful and if we weren't in the street and he wasn't so shy he'd just stare at me in my red dress, looking beautiful in my red dress. And several things popped into my mind. One was Crazy Sotho Guy, about whom I will have to write a post some day (but you don't understand how I feel, Nikki!). Another was some other dude who gave me one of my all-time favorite lines: I wish I had all the time in the world to look at you. Come to think of it, he was Sotho, too! And the next thing I thought about was Smoove . If you don't know, it's time you know. It is time you got Smooved. And so I'm like, "do you read The Onion". You know what? I think I will call him, if only to get his email address and forward him an article from Smoove.


AR said...

Your braids look cute!

g-girl said...

isn't that funny how we think we look like crap but to some dude, we're beautiful? :) I'm sure your hair doesn't look that bad!

Ms. Memeeflye said...

Sotho? From Southern Africa?

Nikki said...

Yep, Sotho from, and in, South Africa. I always get the funniest and most aggressive (and sometimes the scariest) flirtation in Africa.