Friday, September 08, 2006

Then I started knitting, some time this past February or so. I made one dishcloth, and it was nice, but it was not the reason I started knitting. I started knitting to make clothes. So this was my first item of clothing. It's made with Blue Heron's Rayon Metallic yarn. This yarn is heaven to work with. It's soft and beautiful. But to be honest, after several wearings, the top is a bit floppy. Now I know what knitters mean when they say a yarn doesn't have enough "body".

This is not my design, it's a slight modification of the free pattern you can find here:

My mouth is all twisted up because I'm chewing a potato chip. Oops.

Lacy Tank Top


Josie said...

hi what is the pattern for the lacy tank top!?i love it...its so cute!

Nikki said...

hi josie. thanks! I posted a link to the pattern in this post. I modified it a little, but it's essential the lacy silk tank top pattern free from ArtYarns.

...dotty... said...

So, cute ! Apparently, all I have to do is check out all the 'stuff' you've knitted, and I've found myself a folder full of new patterns to try ! Of course, you're about a size 0 and I'm an 8, but don't think that's gonna stop might no wanna look, though !

Thank you mucho !