Monday, March 19, 2007

Representing with the Harlot

Okay, quick post, no pics, just a note that I'll be in NYC from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning, representing with all the other knitters at the Yarn Harlot's book release. I haven't read any of her books and don't know that I ever will, since all of my for-fun reading is in sci-fi and mystery. But I think the concept of a bunch of knitters and crocheters walking all over the city and making noise is cool. Plus the ticket was real cheap, I always get free room and board in NYC, and it's my spring break.

Plans are being made around the internet, with knitters planning to stand outside the window at the Today Show. I will not be there as getting up at 5:30 to be in front of the window of a show I never watch on my break does not appeal to me, but more power to all of you who are doing it. There will be knitters meeting in Central Park, Strawberry Fields at noon with their socks, and I may or may not be there. There is an exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design on Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting, and I won't be there, either since I don't get art (though I might be interested in any natural history museum around). But what I will definitely be doing is visiting some yarn stores, and Knit NYC and Seaport Yarn are on the must-visit list. So if anyone wants to tag along on Thursday or Friday to see one of these shops, I am more than happy for the company and someone to talk to about all the pretty yarn. Leave a comment or send me email or PM me on Knittyboard, KnittingHelp, or KnittersReview.


Ina said...

The American Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth & Space in NYC are magnificent - a must-see if you like natural history. Allow plenty of time and wear comfortable shoes!

Harlem Purl said...

My crew and I will most def be representin'. Will you have on distinguishable knitted item so I can say hi and tell you how much I like your blog (tee hee)

by the way, my crew will most likely consist of: Rooted in Knit Reality, Jane of all Trades, The Soapy Knitter, Bronxie Knits and Knitters Haven.

See you there!

Jersey said...

ohhh I would love to visit those stores with you. Since, as of right now I'm probably going to be alone :( I don't know how we'd meet up and such.

I'm so excited about yarn stores! and people to talk to about yarn who actually GET it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki! It's Vic here in NYC and thanks for the info about Strawberry Fields esp. I live a few blocks away. You mentioned history museum... the big Museum of Natural History is just a few blocks up from Strawberry Fields (72nd St)... at 79th Street so you might want to walk up there (although the Metropolitan (Art) is better) AND there's two great knitting shops in my neighborhood (also near the history museum). (oops I just saw ina's post) Walk across 79th Street towards Broadway & check out Knitty City, a nice big new place. The Yarn Company is on Broadway & 82 (upstairs) and right by the best delicatessen in town, Artie's, really good food.

Anonymous said...
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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hi from Kimberly! NYC was a blast with you. Please check out the Flickr group I created "Knitters Representing in NYC (and Everywhere Else)" when you can. And feel free to add photos or discussions because we want everyone's stories!
Bunny hugs!