Thursday, July 05, 2007

Contest! Make It Like It Was

The way it used to be . . . Do y'all know that song? Regina Belle. I don't know what got this song in my head. I think it was a box of Fruity Pebbles.

I saw Fruity Pebbles on sale at the supermarket. I know I liked this cereal as a kid. $2 a box on sale, can't pass that up. I went home, poured that stuff into a bowl with milk and started to eat it. It tastes terrible! It tasted like sugary pieces of cardboard, and the edges were all hard and jagged. And what's worse, they had the nerve to put this on the front of the box!

What the hell did it taste like before? And so Fruity Pebbles joined the ever-growing list of stuff that I could have sworn tasted good when I was a kid but now I realize is the lowest quality foodstuff available. This list now includes, among other things: Spaghetti-O's, Whoppers (the "chocolate"-covered malted milk balls), those giant red lips made of chewable and edible wax, and anything from Red Lobster.

Was stuff really getting worse, or were my tastebuds getting more refined? I didn't know, but it made me a little nostalgic. And that's probably what got me to thinking of that Regina Belle song. Which got me to thinking about music.

I could swear the music I hear on the radio is getting worse. I don't listen to the radio much anymore, but I should since I'd probably still like a song every now and then. As it is now, I live in a music vacuum. So I started downloading songs I used to like to see if they'd be as good or, if like the mushy flour rings with watery tomato juice on them that dares have the word "spaghetti" in its name, they had lost their charm. And the good news is, they hadn't!

Now, I'm not going to pretend that as a kid (or even now) I had sophisticated tastes in music. But I found myself still loving After 7 "Kickin' It", BBD "When Will I See You Smile Again?", Aaliyah "Age Ain't Nothin But A Number" (I try not to think what R. Kelly was doing to her 14 yo self that prompted that song), Troop "All I Do Is Think of You", Guy "Let's Chill", Tone Tony Toni "Whatever You Want", New Edition "Boys to Men", and Vesta "Congratulations" among many great others. The only real difference I noticed is a new sensation in the, um, loinal area when listening to Johnny Gill. He leads on "Boys to Men", and I also got "There You Go" by him from the Boomerang soundtrack. I don't think I felt this when I was 10. Well, not from Johnny singing. But now, yeah, it's pretty distinct. I think Johnny could just have his way with me (should he want it). Yeah, if he started singing to me like that, it wouldn't so much be a matter of me taking my panties off, so much as my panties simply disintegrating in nanoseconds. If you've ever wondered what it would look like for someone's panties to just evaporate off their body, find Johnny Gill and have him sing "There You Go" to me. It would be over. Resistance would be futile. This blog would no longer be rated PG-13.

But man, people can't have stopped making music I like. I'm just, for various reasons, not surrounded by as great a variety of the type of music I like as I used to be. So I turn to you, People. Help me find some good new music! Some more like the ones above, or D'Angelo, or Floetry. Gimme something good. And I'll give you something good (don't go there, PG-13, People!)

My first contest!

The rules are simple. Turn me on to a relatively current (say, released this decade) song I haven't heard before, even better an artist I haven't heard before, of a type I'd like as suggested by the groups and songs above. Give the artist and the song title. Each individual can give up to 3 songs. I'll chose the winner based on my favorite new songs.

And the prizes? What else, but yarn? Understand, I would not give you crap. It's just stuff that my tastes have changed from. First place winner gets their choice of these, the second place winner gets second choice and so on.

4 65 gram, 110 yard balls of self-striping single ply wool in black white and gray. It would make a cute felted purse.

One ball of Jaegger 50% wool 50% silk lace weight, 2 oz, 630 yards in a cranberry color. It is enough to make a lace scarf like this.

If you liked the socks I made in this post, you can make your own with this Elann house brand yarn. I originally bought 3 balls thinking I might make knee-highs. Since I only made anklets, I used just 1 ball and less than 1/5 of a second. The remainder could get you at least 3" cuff socks, or just go for some anklets like me.

Finally 2 balls of Elann Super Tweed, each 50 grams and 104 yards. I was going to make a hat or gloves with these, before I decided that I wasn't a big fan of coral colored yarns.

The contest will run until August 1st. Help me out, folks, and win some yarn!

Oh yeah, you know I dislike posting without knitting content. Here's the Lorelei I told you I was working on, being modeled by me at work with a crazy fake-looking smile.

Also a shot from the back, the loneliest photoshoot in the world.

'Til later, People


Virtuous said...

Hey - I don't want to be entered in the contest but I was just turned onto this singer on Erica B's blog ( - she is a fabulous sewer)
She is an R&B artist name Chrisette Michele
Talking about good ole love! :o)
Here is here site:
You may enjoy!

MelissaKnits said...

Franco-American spaghetti in a can. Candy cigarettes. Swiss Miss instant hot cocoa mix.

OK, I don't need yarn, but the bonus tracks off of the Japanese only cd of Jamie Cullum's Catching Tales. You can listen at you tube I think if you don't know anyone going to Japan this week. I can't remember titles, but a couple of them were not bad. He defies categorization.

Harlem Purl said...

I can see that you are queen of the fitted knits. Looks nice. I feel you on the music industry today. Here's my 3 pics for music that I really love.

First there's Van Hunt. Ooooo I luv that man. He has two albums but his first album is my favorite. Almost anything on there I can rock to. If I had to choose one it would be "Down Here in Hell (with you)" or "What can I Say" or "Hello, Goodbye", man who am I kidding, that whole album is fiya.

Second there's Teedra Moses. She had one album titled "Complex Simplicity" a while ago but it didn't really take off. In my opinion this girl can really blow. It has a more hip hop feel to it but my favorite song on that album would be "Rescue Me"

And third would hav eto be Darien Brockington. He has a kinda Carl Thomas feel to him but I'm feeling every single song on his "Sombody To Love" album. Again, it's hard to choose just one but I would have to pick "I Miss You"

KittyCate said...

let's see... i'm not sure ska would be your type.
haha, i don't, per se, need new yarn, but it's fun to try for it anyways.

so anywho, you sound like you may like Flogging Molly's CD, 'Drunken Lullabies,' or maybe the Dropkick Murphys CD, 'Sing Loud, Sing Proud.' both are rock-ish bands. Flogging Molly is Irish rock (they have a certain sound/feel), and Dropkick Murphys are punk-esque. they have bagpipes (played by a guy called Spicy McHaggis).

...and i also like Harry and the Potters, a Harry Potter geek band, but only geeks will like their music, so meh.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hmm... I think there is an R&B Grammy winner that Guido introduced me to during our drive to/from Represent. The singer's name is Johnny Legend, and I like his song "Heaven" (well whatever Guido played!).

Bunny hugs,

Wannietta said...

I love Corinne Bailey Rae - she has a sweet light voice that can lift the heaviest burden from your shoulders, even if it's only for the length of the song.

Llamabean said...

Great job on the tank! Not sure how eclectic your tastes are but here are three of my favorites.

Beautiful Boyz by CocoRosie on the CD 0Noahs Ark

I Hear The Bells by Mike Doughty
although, pretty much anything by him is good

and one of my all time favorites...
Turn the heat up by Shemekia Copeland

the yarn looks yummy and I hope you get a few new songs out of it!

Batty said...

I'm a weirdo when it comes to music, so I can't think of anything for that. But the tank is lovely! Lorelei looks great on you.

Dame Wendy said...

How fun! There is one song and one artist that I found when searching for a good song for our podcast awhile back that I highly recommend. :) His voice is just deep and sexy and awesome.

It's called Breakin Away and is by Billy Jones off of his album tha' Bluez.

Hope you enjoy!

Your shrug springs eternal is gorgeous. :)

aruni said...
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aruni said...

i found your blog through knittyboard (your Tomato is adorable!)...i can't claim to be an expert on neo-soul, but you might like

1. Amel Larrieux - Beyond (from Bravebird)

2. Amy Winehouse - Rehab

I was going to suggest Corrine Bailey Rae's Like a Star, but wannietta recommended...So let's go with

3. Vivian Green - Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (from Vivian)

Hope you like them! :)

NikkiJ said...

Musiq: Teach Me

Coko: Endow Me

3goodrats said...

I'm kinda out of it with music too, but recently discovered M. Ward (thank you NPR!) "Requiem" and "Poison Cup" are two excellent songs of his. His voice is super sexy.

Brittany said...

Aha! My previous life as a music store snob comes in handy!

I hope that this isn't something that you've already heard, but do check out John Legend. I like the first record better. Try "Number One".

There was another guy that came out with a record a few years ago that you might like as well. He's a Canadian called Remy Shand.

Hope one of those works!

ms. pixie riot said...

Wow. I am ENTIRELY unfamiliar with your list of music there, but then again, I've never really known popular music.

For a blues/motown feel that is brilliant, catchy, and just feel-good, check out the Detroit Cobras. For a more rock version, try The Noisettes.

I second the nomination for Jamie Cullum, BUT I recommend his earlier albums. Twentysomething is amazing, and his earlier stuff is even better, but it's all UK-import.

Ohhh, and Mr. A - Z by Jason Mraz. Oh baby. THAT is the voice that would disintigrate my panties. Especially in the song O Lover.

ellipsisknits said...

It is an unfortunate fact that whatever music you were listening to around roughly age 13-15 will be burned into your head as 'the best music ever'. No future music you may encounter will ever rival it's state. This occurs regardless of any musical merits it may or may not have, and even whether you liked it at the time.

I'm stuck with grunge-rock. *sigh*

Sorry, no contest entry for me.


Berry Gal said...

Paddy Casey -Lucky
Enter the Haggis -

Another great place to check out music: World Cafe from NPR

Adrienne said...

Ok, I've found some good stuff here, but how about Robin Thicke? Don't wanna be entered in the contest though...I will be checking back to see your list!!!

Shells said...

Madeleine Peyroux's album "Careless Love" I cannot get tired of her voice no matter how many times I listen. And her music is appropriate for any situation.

WandaWoman said...

I see some great singers listed, so nothing new. Just wanted to second Chrisette Michelle's voice is amazing. To download or listen to some of her tracks, check out's archives. Also Teedra Moses has a great voice too. Robin Thicke, John Legend, Musiq all have great music out right now.

monica said...

I don't have any music suggestions for you :(

The black/pink socks are freaking awesome!!

Jen said...

I don't have a suggestion for music, but I wanted to write in and tell you how much I enjoy your blog -- I read a lot of knitting blogs for inspiration but I almost never laugh out loud at them the way I do when I'm reading your posts. Keep 'em coming!

Mz Nikki said...

Look out for Elizabeth Withers! Her voice is amazing and I love her debut! Here's her myspace page

Elizabeth Withers

Mz Nikki said...

Oh and another one you might like is Rhonda Ray:

Rhonda Ray

Afrolocious Anthem is a hella good song!

Floderten said...

I don't know half of the artists on your list, so I'm just going to list some of my fave artists that might be in that genre. Kinda. :P

Mew - a Danish band, very big here. The lead singer (male) has THE most amazing, breathy voice. I recommend "Snow Brigade" from their album "Frengers" - though the entire album is worth a listen.

Tori Amos - American singer. Again, amazing voice, and her lyrics are clever and mysterious, unlike most contemporary music out there today. I can hardly pick one song - it's a tie between "Winter" and "Precious Things".

Last one is Soko - new French artist. She has made this funny song called "I'll kill her" - she sings in English with a very French accent; it's quite special, but worth a listen nonetheless.

Charles said...

HEY Knitensity! This is recommendation for you! visit ther e artist web and listen!(Does artist are from underground NEW indle ballade artist!)

1. "Renvent" by Chad Perron
Album: Used to Dream 2006
(Great sweet soft his voice,,Great love music!)

2. "Ride the Tides" by Shane Alexander
Album: Stargazer 2006

(Dreamy like song that he sings deepist his heart!)

3. "Unbreakable" by Michael Duff
Album: Unbreakable
(Great powerful voice and great lyric!)

I hope you injoy the song!(I wish i win!)

Kris G. said...

I second the recommendation for Amy Winehouse. Her album Back to Black has a definite underpinning of older R&B/MoTown. Another group you might enjoy, along the same lines, are The Detroit Cobras Tied & True album.

EmunaMoriah7 said...

I crochet a little but I was never able to get knitting. Your creations are beautiful.

My songs to offer are:

Joss Stone - Bruised but not Broken

Bilal - Soul Sista

Raheem DeVaughn - Believe

Birdsong Designs said...

I'm pretty sure that he doesn't count for this contest since he's been MIA for so long, but I didn't see D'Angelo on your list. Just sayin' ;)

Also, check out Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators

And think about buying DJ Mark Ronson's *just-released* CD: Versions.

It has a variety of covers by people like Lily Allen (who someone else mentioned) and other up and coming neo soul-type singers. So it gives you a selection of very new artists to hear from...

bellium said...

several-month admirer of your work on the forum, but i've never commented on your blog before...

things i remember being better as a child: chocolate pudding in a can, pizza hut, chicken mc nuggets.

music you might enjoy (though i confess, our musical tastes are probably not at all similar):
shine eyed mister zen is my favorite
love the eels.
i can't think of any more. great job on the lorelei!

Monique said...

'the loneliest photoshoot in the world'
You've got that right. I love it!