Friday, August 03, 2007

And the Winners Are . . .

Okay, I don't usually have good ideas. In fact, my ideas are usually just plain bad. You know that person who's like, "yeah, I suppose we could just walk down the side of the mountain, but wouldn't it be better to go cascading off this waterfall? In a barrel? It's a barrel, so we wouldn't get hurt, see?" That's totally me. But this contest? This was a good idea. I got so many music suggestions. Thank you all so much! I have been able to add several new songs onto my Shuffle. Next music contest will be so you all can recommend some get crunk type music. Sometimes you just wanna break somebody off hard gangsta style, and you can't do that to no ultra mellow neo-soul. As it is, every time I hear some song and think "that beat is hard", almost before I can finish my thought somebody yells "ho" at me. I mean, I can take a little, but I have a 2 ho limit.

So I listened to all your suggestions, or at least tried to. Y'all were supposed to give me specific songs, not just artists. So if you didn't I just listened to the first song or two I came upon or ones whose titles I liked. Not all of them were the type of music I usually like, but actually I think they were all good. Like Jason Mraz. Not the music I like, but I had to find out what disintegrates Ms. Pixie's panties, and indeed, his voice is pretty damn appealing. Same thing for Chad Perron. He ain't no Johnny Gill, though. :) Van Hunt, too. He definitely has some panty melting powers. He had been recommended to me before, so I was glad to get some specific songs to listen to. Same for Lily Allen, though I had heard a song or two from her before. And Soko? Again, not my style, but that song is funny for real. Actually, there were lots of great songs that I couldn't make winners because I already knew them, like Chrisette Michelle's hit and also Corrine Bailey Rae's stuff, Robin Thick, Vivian Green too, among others. Hmm, what was I complaining about, I already had good music!

Anyway, with no further ado, the winners. Choosing between first and second place was hard, but first place has to go to:

Harlem Purl for Teedra Moses's - Rescue Me. I am really feeling this woman's music. All your music suggestions were great.

Second place goes to:

EmunaMoriah7 for Raheem DeVaughn - Believe. This dude's stuff, not just this song, is hot. In fact, while I was listening to it, I felt a breeze in my nether regions and looked down to discover that, in fact, I was no longer wearing panties. Looking around the room, it was obvious that my panties had simply exploded, the floor being littered with panty shrapnel. Even poor Enif the bunny got hit:

(You know he's going to get punked on the bunny playground for this picture. That crumb is a piece of cereal, the only way he'd let me take this photo)

There's something that reminds me a bit of D'Angelo with him. Emuna, I loved all your suggestions, too.

Third place goes to:

Aruni for Amel Larrieux - Beyond . This song was great, and it got me onto some of her other stuff, which is also great. Thank you.

And to mix it up a bit, fourth place goes to:

Ms. Pixie Riot for Jamie Cullum - "earlier stuff". That was real not specific, girlfriend. Even less specific than Melissa Knits "bonus tracks off the Japanese only CD". So since I didn't know what I was looking for, I just went to You Tube and typed in his name. The stuff that came up wasn't Japanese (sorry Melissa), but I kinda liked it. Different than what I would normally go for, but I did kinda like "Get Your Way".

Okay, winners, please email me so we can arrange your prizes. To everyone else, thank you so much for the suggestions, and conciliatory cookies will be making their way to your houses. I'm just joking, you're not going to get a cookie. :-( But I really do appreciate it.

So, back to knitting. My knitting has been dragging since I discovered this site for nappy-haired folk like myself. I love this site, so much info, and I have gotten over my hair rage. For now. I highly recommend this site to nappy folk, especially those struggling with their hair (you know who I'm talking to, and email me for the low-down if you want to know more). I even made a hair photo album. So yeah, knitting has been slow. But I am nearing completion on a pillow I'm making for my first homestay family in South Africa. I really wanted to knit stuff for each member of the family, but that will have to wait until next year, and that's if I start now.

The squares are for 200 Knitted Blocks or some such book. You know, the ones where they say they have 200 designs but really it's like 50 designs, each in 4 different color combos? Hello! Changing the color is not changing the design. So misleading. Anyway, it was my first time knitting with beads. Check out the results of my deflowering:

Isn't it pretty? Okay, I know you can't see the beads that well. They're a really light color, in the stockinette portions surrounded by the reverse stockinette. I pre-strung the beads using dental floss threader. I actually have no idea how you use dental floss threader when flossing your teeth, but they work really well for getting beads onto yarn. I did 4 squares like this for the front, and the back is a simple fair isle pattern that I did most of in the airport DFW while my plane was being delayed. People stare! They act like they've never seen a twentysomething with a fro knitting fair isle before.

The yarn is Plymouth Encore. I can't remember the brand or size of the beads. They are probably 8/0 or 6/0. I was really amazed they fit on worsted weight. Yay, dental floss threader!

Okay, time to wrap up. In my next post:
*the conclusion of the pillow
*a new top design and pattern
*a letter to my uterus

Thanks for reading, People!


Harlem Purl said...

Al letter to my uterus?!? You are hilarious. Yay, I'm glad you like Teedra. I don't know why her album didn't take off but I'm hoping she drops a second. I love Raheem also, with those big ol' juicy soup coolers and sexy ass voice (oops, did I say that?) Anyhoo, I'm having a war with my hair right now because it just shrivels up in all this heat. I want it braided but I'm too cheap to pay and too lazy to braid it myself. Oh well. Please let me know the next time you you visit NY so we can actually plan something. Have you ever heard of Rhinebeck???

MelissaKnits said...

You should come to Rhinebeck. Even if you don't know what it is. Even if you have to take off a week of work. Even if...well, just, you should come!

My kid knew about the bonus tracks, but could not get them. A friend went to Japan and brought back guess-what? Catching Tales, the Japanese version with the five bonus tracks. Handed it to the kid liek it was nothing. The kid wet herself, I swear, on the spot.

We saw him perform last year and are still not over it. Amazingly dynamic in person; vivid, larger than life, stellar musician, uses the piano in ways that boggle the mind and generally makes his entire body and soul into one giant instrument playing a hundred different things at once. We were in a small venue which only made it that much more incredible. With Jamie, smaller is better. Unreal.

EmunaMoriah7 said...

This was an awesome idea! Gurl, I feel like I have won something on the Price is Right!

Please kiss the bunny for me. I feel that I may have to chip in on the "Bunny Therapy" being that I brought Raheem into this.

I do not hide that I am a Christian and also so not hide that I am not perfect. When I hear Raheem, I have to hold on to Jesus for dear life so I don't revert back to my old ways and make a "bootie call." Just being real. One day, I will be listening to Raheem with my husband and then it will be on and poppin'!

Knitensity, you and this blog are a blessing and I will continue to support you.

Ninabeena said...

what an awesome idea for a contest- might have to copp that son:-) I personally like Johnny Gill's My My My at the end when he gets on that roll:"MuMuMY,MuMuMY,MuMuMY,MUMUMUMUMYYYYYY" after that I'm asking "what panties?"

Adrienne said...

I kept watch of the contest and got some good suggestions for myself! LOL

Larjmarj said...

I like the natural hair pics album. I have a photo collection of my 80's do's. Nothing natural there trust me. Can't say that I know any of the artists listed for I am just another middle aged metal head. I don't think the bun will be traumatized, he may be a freaky bunny and actually LIKE wearing panties. You never know about rabbits after all they DO have a reputation. wink wink nudge nudge.