Friday, August 29, 2008

Cafe du Monde gloves

So a long time ago, just as I was starting to learn how to knit, I saw the Breakfast at Cafe du Monde Gloves (Ravelry link). I was scared of them, thinking they were above my skill level, but I loved them. Earlier this year I discovered Punta del Este Mericash at Seaport Yarns during my trip to NYC for the Yarn Harlot's big event. I loved the yarn, loved the yarn store, and loved the gloves and figured making them would be one big love orgy, only this kind I could look at in front of my father and would be rated G. And sure enough it was. Okay, maybe once I decided the entire first glove I knit was too small, a couple of mild expletives made it rated PG-13, but for the most part, pretty clean love.

So I present the Breakfast at Cafe du Monde Gloves.
Specs: Needles: Size 1 and Size 3
Yarn: Punta del Este Mericash Fingering (merino, cashmere)

I had intended to wear them throughout the summer at my office because it can get quite cook with the a/c, but I never did. And I don't know how I feel about that ribbon. The organza was the only thing I had around. If I find something thinner and less slippery (leather strips), I might use that instead.

Did I mention that I love this yarn? The yardage is amazing. It's 50 grams, 263 yards. You might think that it would be really thin given that, but it is so lofty that it still works up like a regular fingering weight. This means that even after completing almost one whole glove (minus 2 fingers and a thumb) and deciding it was too small, I was able to do 2 complete other gloves from the remaining yarn. The pattern specs, on the other hand, call for 2 50 gram balls. With 2 50 gram balls of this yarn, I could make at least 5 complete gloves.

Anyway, they're ready for fall and I'll be anxious for the "where did you get those?!"


Christie said...


Heather said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Wannietta said...

Very pretty!!

nakia said...

So delicate and pretty! I like the leather strips idea. It could open up even more outft options.

Linda said...

Somagun, those are beautiful!

Nat Red Knits said...

Very Pretty gloves!

Also want to let you know, that even tho I don't comment - I do read. Your's is on my top 10 and I left an award for you on my blog.

Susan Flockhart said...

Lovely gloves!

Angel said...

Nikki! Hope you can see this. I emailed you but they all came back. I tried to get hold of you. I called your cell and homephone. I was in the States for about a month; a week in Wisconsin. I wanted to see you badly but couldn't make it. Hopefully we can talk. I couldn't find you on Skype. I dont know why. :( Please email me.